The Fastest Way to Sell 100,000 Books …


What if you could sell 10,000 books … to just one company?

It does happen. Smart authors do whatever they can to uncover ways to sell books in quantities like this to large companies, who gladly buy them to give away to thier own customers and/or employees.

This is one of the ways the Chichen Soup for the Soul authors were able to gain momentum with thier sales. I think it’s just plain smart. I’m always for ways to leverage time and effort!

If you’d like to find out how to sell 10,000 …20,000… even 100,000 copies of YOUR book to just one company (or a handful of companies), sign up for a special telephone seminar this Thursday, September 20.

Steve Harrison will interview Matthew Bennett, a self-published author who’s still relatively unknown to the general public, yet has sold over 5 million books in quantity to Fortune 500 companies including Disney, Reebok, NBC, Abbott Labs, Pfizer, US Healthplans, Subway and innumerable others.

You don’t have to be on a bestseller list to sell a truckload of books! Do yourself a favor and sign up for the call. I often recommend Steve’s teleseminars because they’re usually very content-rich. You’ll learn a lot!